Use the intelligence of a decommissioned military supercomputer to solve puzzles and guide the lives of humble villagers. Uncover the mystery of the Machine's Garden as you make your way through this short and challenging narrative-puzzle game. Repair the Machine's forgotten subsystems, but beware the consequences. After centuries of dormancy, the military installation, vast and serpentine, has opened its eye.


The Machine's Garden is the first major release by developers Jon and Michael, based in North Carolina, US. The team decided to start development on The Machine's Garden after the success of their sliding block puzzle jam game, Snailboat, in the first GMTK Game Jam. The Machines Garden is a passion project spanning nearly 3 years made in short bursts between major life events.


  • Think critically to make your way through 35+ challenging and handcrafted hex grid puzzles
  • Master the use of special cells that launch, attach and multiply hexes to solve puzzles
  • Explore a poignant, lighthearted narrative through a series of slowly unraveling stories
  • Immerse yourself in the atmospheric audio and visuals of the Machine's control room


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Selected Articles

  • an incredibly smart-looking puzzler
    Dann Sullivan, Pocket Gamer
  • The Machine’s Garden is a simple and honest experience that can and will puzzle your mind. With 35 stages free of distractions, and a curious environment told and explored through system logs, the game is a must-have for fans of the genre...
    David Ingrusee, Indie Hive
  • Featuring retro-inspired visuals and simple soundtrack, The Machine’s Garden’s only focus is to be a complicated, brain-teasing puzzle game and it does that brilliantly... 8.5/10
    Umair Khalid, GamesHedge

The Machine's Garden Credits

Jon Miller
Creative Lead, Engineering, Game Design, Art, Narrative
Jon is a yoga instructor with a background in software engineering. During his spare time he practices writing and making games.
Michael Schmitt
VFX, Audio, Puzzle Design, Publishing, Additional Code
Michael is a Senior Instructional Designer at Unity, where he creates curriculum and training for the Unity engine. In his free time, he enjoys growing tomatoes, playing music, and making games.
Special Thanks
Bryan, Joss, Katie, Kirk, Kyla, Laura, Mars, Mitch, Rushi, Samantha, TJ, Unity Technologies, Blender Foundation, Soniss Audio, Demigiant, Dmitry Timofeev, Keijiro Takahashi, Krita